ANENG MH10 0.1M~1999M Digital Megohmmeter 100/250/500/1000V Insulation Earth Ground Resistance Voltage Tester-Orange Colour

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ANENG MH10 0.1M~1999M Digital Megohmmeter 100/250/500/1000V Insulation Earth Ground Resistance Voltage Tester-Orange Colour

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Insulation resistance tester (or high-voltage insulation meter) is a special instrument for measuring insulation resistance. At present, electrical equipment (such as transformers, generators, etc.) is developing towards large-capacity, high-voltage, structural diversification and sealing . This requires the insulation resistance tester itself to have the characteristics of large capacity, strong anti-interference ability, diversified measurement indicators, accurate measurement results, simple and rapid measurement process, and easy to carry.
MH10 insulation resistance tester complies with the new national power industry standard "Electronic Insulation Resistance Meter JJG1005-2005" specifications. It has a variety of voltage output, large capacity, strong anti-interference, and the instrument uses high-efficiency batteries, which is convenient and safe to operate. Obviously better than traditional mechanical shaking meters, it is an ideal testing instrument for measuring the insulation resistance of large transformer, transformer, generators, high-voltage motors, power capacitors, power cables etc.
Working principle:
The high-voltage generating part of the instrument adopts the high-frequency switch pulse width modulation (PWM), and adopts the rectified output of the negative polar DC high voltage through the internal double voltage, with the characteristics of energy saving, good voltage linearity , stability and small ripple coefficient.
High voltage generated by instrument line end (L) passes through load resistance Rx, flows back to instrument ground end (E), and is driven by digital display by V / I conversion.
MH10 is an electronically controlled miniature instrument, in which the high-voltage insulation resistance test has 4 rated test voltages to measure the insulation resistance.
Suitable for measuring the insulation resistance of various electrical equipment and insulating materials such as transformers, motors, cables, switches, electrical appliances, etc. It is suitable for maintenance, repair, test and verification of various electrical equipment.
The rated output voltage can use the function knob, MH10 is at 100V, 250V, 500V, 1000V.
High pressure indication
The LED lamp (HV ON) and the "HV" on the left of the display indicate the high pressure output in the instrument and the danger of electric shock. The operator should pay special attention to safety.
Measuring range is 0.1MΩ-1999MΩ, and the range is changed manually.
Strong load capacity, output short-circuit current greater than 1.0mA.
It can measure AC voltage from 1V to 750V, and the frequency of AC voltage is from 40Hz to 70Hz.
Test condition: test temperature/humidity 23 ± 5℃/45~75%RH;
Output voltage: 90%~110% (output load of ≥1000 MΩ);
Short-circuit current: ≥ 1.0mA;
Battery voltage low indication: The display displays ""
Insulation resistance: ≥ 500 MΩ (1,000 V);
Pressure resistance: AC 2KV 50Hz 1minute;
Technical Parameters, MH10
Working temperature and humidity: working temperature: 0℃~40℃, relative humidity: 85% or less;(NO including battery)
Appearance size: 160 × 125 × 85mm
Weight: about 500g (Not included battery)
Color box size: 210 x 178 x 78mm
Packing weight: 860g
Color: orange

Technical Parameters:

basic function


basic precision

output voltage








cut off reason electricity block


250V: 0.1MΩ-20MΩ

± (4% ± 2 )

500V: 0.1MΩ-50MΩ

1000V: 0.1MΩ-100MΩ


250V: 20MΩ-500MΩ

± (4% ± 2 )

500V: 50MΩ-1000MΩ

1000V: 100MΩ-2000MΩ

short-circuit current



Median resistance

250V/500V: 2MΩ


1000V: 2MΩ




± (1% + 6 )

Package included:
1 x Resistance Megohmmeter r (Not included battery)
2 x Alligator clips
2 x Test lead
1 x Storage bag
1 x Manual
1 x Packing box


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