Infrared Parking Sensor Kit Infrared Reversing Speed Reminder Electronic PCB Circuit Board Production DIY Kit

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Infrared Parking Sensor Kit Infrared Reversing Speed Reminder Electronic PCB Circuit Board Production DIY Kit

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The infrared reversing radar is composed of a multi-resonant circuit, an infrared signal transmitting and receiving circuit, an infrared signal amplifying and a voltage comparison circuit, and has the characteristics of simple circuit, low cost and stable circuit operation, and is widely used in various ranging occasions.
Power supply: 6V
Size: 65*45mm

Installation and commissioning and simple principle description:
1. The infrared transmitting tube HF and the infrared receiving tube HJ have polarity (long legs are positive), please do not install the wrong ones, the mounting direction can be upwards or sideways. RP1 adjusts the reflection distance, RP2 adjusts the sensitivity, LED3 can be bright when the distance is 30cm, LED2 and LED3 are bright when the distance is 20cm, and fully bright when the distance is 10cm. The infrared sensor is covered with white paper to block the reflection effect.
2. The time base circuit NE555 and surrounding components form a multivibrator to generate an infrared wave signal, which is output through the third pin of IC2 and drives the infrared transmitting tube HF to emit an infrared signal.

Name Parameter PCB mark Quantity
Electrolytic capacitor 1UF C1 C2 2
10UF C3 1
100UF C5 1
47UF C6 1
Ceramic capacitor 104p C4 1
20PF C7 1
Adjustable potentiometer 50K(503) RP1 RP2 2
LED Red 5mm LED1-LED3 3
Infrared emission 5mm White HF 1
Infrared reception 5mm Black HJ 1
SMD resistor 1K R1 R4-R8 R18 7
10K R2 R3 R19 3
200ohm R9 R12 R13 R14 4
1.5K R10 1
30K R15 1
47K R16 1
Diode IN4148 D1 D2 2
Socket 2P J1 1
IC LM324 IC1 1
NE555 IC2 1


Package Content

  • 1 x Infrared Reversing Radar PCB Circuit Board Production DIY Kit


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